About NACCAP Research

The NACCAP Enrollment Research Project (ERP) provides admission officers at member institutions with critical comparative data about traditional undergraduate admissions throughout each recruiting cycle. Data for each component of the ERP is gathered on this site. The two major components of the ERP are:

  • Funnel Report – 6 times/year members share a current snapshot of their admission funnel progress to date including applications, admits and deposits for first-year students and transfers. The funnel reports open on the first of December, February, April, May and June and remain open for two weeks. There is also a final report opened in late September to gather results at the end of the recruiting cycle.
  • Admission Benchmarking Study – this annual study gathers data on the admission budget, staffing, salaries and the funnel. Cost to recruit a student and various admission funnel yield percentages help member institutions evaluate their own trend data as well as compare their data to other member institutions.

NACCAP members who share their data gain access to the data shared by other NACCAP members. NACCAP members who choose not to participate can only see summarized trend data for each of the studies. Participation in the ERP is an expectation of NACCAP membership.