2017 Admission Benchmarking Study Results


This study seeks to compile the cost to recruit a traditional undergraduate college/university student at NACCAP member institutions as well as compile key admission funnel benchmarks. The study focuses on traditional undergraduate new students recruited for spring and fall 2014. This data was collected, analyzed and shared on behalf of the CCCU for 15 years; since 2007 NACCAP has sponsored the study utilizing Credo to conduct it under the leadership of Senior Vice President Tim Fuller, the author of each of the previous CCCU studies.

The summarized results include an overview report and several charts detailing the cost to recruit and the admission funnel analysis for the overall study, the NACCAP regions and various categories of institutional size (by traditional student enrollment) and institutional type (CCCU, Bible college or other). The complete, member by member results of the study are available to participants only.

Note: When downloading XLS files and opening in Excel, you may occasionally receive an error that “data may have been lost”. You can safely ignore this and continue opening the spreadsheet.