Frequently-Asked Questions

Here are a few common questions we hear from time to time about this research. We’re sharing them as a means of encouraging your participation in each aspect of the Enrollment Research Project.

Why is this kind of research important to my institution?
Every enrollment officer is used to the question “how are the numbers?’ You get asked that question frequently and in a variety of settings on and off campus. There is a lot riding on new student enrollment at the tuition-driven institutions who are members of NACCAP. The best way to answer this question often involves not just a comparison with last year, or even the last several years; it should involve some sense of what the trends are in the marketplace of Christian higher education.
By participating in the NACCAP Enrollment Research Project you get access to not only general trends for NACCAP members as a group but data on the institutions against which you measure your own success on a regular basis. When you answer the “how are the numbers” question with your own trends and supplement it with Christian higher education trend data you can assure those asking you are aware of the right kind of information on which to base your team’s work.
Why is this kind of research important to NACCAP?
Research done on behalf of the CCCU over the last 25 years suggests quite clearly that the major competition for Christian colleges is not each other! Rather, our competition for students (and mindshare, philanthropic support, etc.) is largely with public higher education given the difference in price tags and general perceptions (or misperceptions) about the value of the degrees earned in each higher education sector.
We support the kind of information sharing that characterizes the NACCAP Enrollment Research Project because it helps all of us succeed in garnering a greater share of the potential Christian college student market. We want every NACCAP member to succeed since that means a greater impact for the Kingdom and believe open sharing about trends like this helps achieve that success.
I’m an employee of a NACCAP member institution; how do I get access to this site?
Send an email to program director Tim Fuller at Include your name, school name, email address, and title.